What Would Be Neat in Google Photos? My Thoughts..

Now that John Nack is over on the Google side of things, I believe it’s a great time for us to get that list of things that we would love to see inside of Google Photos. I know that for me as a photographer, there are a couple of things that I would love to see there to have them take it to the next level.

A couple off the top of my head:


Hands down the best feature of Google Photos is its ability to back up all of the pictures that you take on your phone. That’s a great start to having a collection of your most important things in the cloud. I don’t know about you guys.. but I take a LOT of pictures with my phone of one subject before I get the one I want. Just like using Lightroom on a computer, I’d love to be able to go back through what is uploaded and hit a keyboard shortcut to “Flag” the shot. Once its flagged, you can decide what you want to do (in this case.. it would be to delete them). Rather than rely on al algorithm to do it.. give me the option to do my own garbage collection.


Sharing on Other than G+

You have the ability to create albums of pictures on Google+. Its great to share them on G+ and its good to have them as a slideshow. But what about sharing that stuff on other sites? Take a page from the team at Youtube. Is there an option where you can click a sharing button and be given a link to pass along?

In youtube’s sharing options you can share, but also have an option for embedding. This lets you embed the video on a site using an Iframe. Could we do the same thing on an album in G+ so you can embed the slideshow on a website?


Can you embed twitter functionality so that you can click on Tweet, and have it automatically tweet out an album (or picture) and have it go to Twitter?



Seeing Pictures on Google Photos

There are tags that are applied to images that are shared publicly for pictures. What if you got a page like and had that page populate an image- a lot along the lines of the 500px Flow page or the Flickr Explore page. You can see things by tags, curated by views, post activity, or something. You could have a section on the right that has a listing of tags that are popular for the page? This way, people can go out to a page and see a visual representation of what is being uploaded to Google Photos. They can then decide on who to follow there. Think of it as an auto created visual version of recommended users.

Imagine if this thing auto created albums of peoples work by type. You could have a Landscapes album created there with great stuff. And when you see the album, you can have a one button option to add the authors in this album be added to a circle.


A Visual Way to Scroll Through Dates;

The calendar option to the right of the Photos tab kinda helped this one along, but I did talk about this feature in these two posts:


Adding Metadata Details in the Photo Details.

Is there a way to add keyword information into the image in the details view? For that matter.. it be nice to have an area where you can add metadata information (think like the creation of a Metadata Template) in Lightroom, and apply it to a gang of images.


Albums. More Albums. Collections

If the strength of Google is in its ability to quickly add images from phones (and hopefully other locations), it’s albums feel very under-developed. What if you had an option that you can go into an “Album Creator” view. A spot where you can just make albums on a left area, then drag/add images from the right area. That could inspire people to tidy up the images that are being collected.

I would see something like an “Album Builder” window that lets ppl make albums and drag shots from their all photos. Almost Lightroom-esque (this is just a photoshop mockup of Drive and the All Photos)


Anyway.. just a list of things that I think would be kinda neat to see there.  I wonder what you guys would think would be good to see on G+.  More of this stuff.. more creative?  Less of this stuff?  Curious..



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  1. Tagging people is sometimes problematic for me. Many of the models I shoot are on Facebook and they don’t have a presence on Google+. I’d still like to identify them, though. In some cases, I find multiple results for a name when tagging a face. It would be nice to have a larger view of their icon to make sure I’m tagging the right person, or a quick preview of their profile. Those are things that would help with identity.

    I’d like a default method of determining if location is on or off for images that I upload. When I share a photo of my dogs, I don’t necessarily want to include a map to my home. I know I can turn that off individually, but I don’t see where it’s defined globally. There are times when I want to share location data, but I would rather that work as an opt-in than opt-out per image.

    Metadata tagging would be great. I use keywords quite a bit in Aperture and Lightroom, so I’d like to see them included when I upload an image to Google+. Combine that with the ability to add tags in the web interface and I’d be pretty happy. For example, sometimes I take images of network equipment at the various locations where I work to use as a reference later. A lot of racks look alike, so it would be nice to provide some labels and other details to go with the photo for private use.

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