Is It Me? Or does LinkedIn make people think “Oh no… “


No.. you’re not seeing browser inception here.  Just wanted to share a picture of what I was doing over on my LinkedIn page.  Im working on doing some screenshots and writing some notes for some content I want to do on KelbyOne on sharing who you are socially (how to represent yourself best on G+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc).  While I believe that LinkedIn is a great resource for professionals to connect with other professionals… I cant shake this one thought.  I figured i’d throw it out to you.

When you get a request from someone on LinkedIn.. or you see something change. Does it make you think to yourself, ” Oh no.  Buddy just lost his job… ” or “Oh no.  Something bad’s happening”

I always feel like there are lots of people that get that gut feeling when you see it.  Maybe its just sign of the times… but I wanted to check with others to see if I was just alone.


  1. No, I don’t get the Oh, no feeling. I think I pay attention to linkedIn the most when someone changes jobs, which is usually a positive thing-or pat recently when I put my own toe into the employment pool. Plus, it doesn’t help with the automatic e-mails that might help! 🙂

  2. While I don’t think changes on a persons profile is necessarily a reaction to something negative, what is suspicious is if a person who wasn’t very active on Linkedin al off a sudden starts posting articles, interacting with people and growing their connections suddenly.

    Usual that means they’ve have got wind that their on the chopping block or they want to leave their job and they’re doing the ground work before they bounce.

    That sudden burst of activity is almost always a direct result of something bad. The old adage “your never looking for a job until you need to” can’t be concealed, especially in this time of digital / social age.

    Just my 2 cents from working in the recruitment business 🙂

  3. I am really looking forward to seeing this Video. My Thoughts on linkedin is all of confusion. I really do not think that in my position I would even use it. I have one. but i never update it. As a freelance Photographer with a broken camera and little to no gear I can not use it for Clients or possible customers. As a digital artist, I can see a way to use it for clients or possible customers, but until I have one of the ace’s from adobe, it just doesn’t seem worth the time to figure it out.
    Don’t get me wrong! I have a good job and make decent money, but as I have always said to others, “My job is completely different from my Profession!” I just dont see how I can use Linkedin for my profession at this stage.

    Currently I am redesigning my personal site to better market it. I will have to use linkedin somewhere the road.
    So.. Like I said I will be looking forward to this video.

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