The Funny or Die MySpace Tom Movie. Tom Will -Always- Have the Last Laugh

Someone just sent me a Funny or Die movie spoofing the whole #Facebook   movie look back that everyone is sharing.  This time, they made one of +Tom Anderson  – creator of Myspace.  *smh*
Have to say… I got a chuckle.  But not because of the movie.  I chuckled because it reminded me of the last person who took a dig at tom.. something along the lines of “… says the dude who couldn’t keep a social Network alive”

Tom’s response “Says the guy who sold Myspace in 2005 for $580 million while you slave away hoping for a half day off”

Im like.. say what you will.. but that homies traveling the world, camera in hand, banging it out.. the only smart one to leave this hamster wheel.. 🙂  Props for that.

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