Oh Happy Day!!!  The book that i’ve been working- The HDR Book 2nd Edition  on is finally in stock and available to order! This has been a labor of love for me, and I am very thankful that the folks over at Peachpit for jumping in back with me on enother run into the world of HDR.  The first book did extremely well – but (as with anything software related) software changes, photoshop changes, technique changes.

I figured this would be a good spot for me to give you a couple of points on this book for those who may be considering it.  For those of you who have the first edition – I wanted to share how this book could also help:


A Step By Step Process in My HDR Workflow

This book takes you through a series of images and shows you how I come up with the HDR look that I love.  We explore ten different projects and take you through step by step until the project is completed.


You Can Download the Files for Yourself

All of the projects in the book are yours for you to download.  From single image HDR files to HDR Panoramics.  You can download the full resolution RAW files for you to work along with me.  You are free to do whatever you wish with these files.  I would appreciate you telling someone where you got them – perhaps theyd want to learn from the book too!


HDR is Not Hard.  Post Processing is the Pain

This book does cover the process of making an HDR file – but I got to be honest.  Making an HDR file is easy.  There are a couple of things you need to consider – but its really easy.  The harder part of all of it is really how to post process the file.  With the post processing skills you can take an HDR file and turn it into a great HDR file.


Using Photoshop CC and Photomatix 5

One of the things that I wanted to do in the book is focus on just the programs that I use to make images.  In the first version, I covered all three pieces of software – HDR Efex Pro, HDR Pro from Photoshop, and Photomatix.  As these pieces of software were revised, i found myself gravitating towards the look of  Photomatix.  So much so – that its what I decided to cover in the book.  Photomatix is the software almost everyong using HDR uses – so we can really make this a more focused release.  The book does also use post processing plugins from people like Nik Software, and the companion website features videos on how to take it to the next level using plugins from onOne Software and MacPhun.


Where to Order the Book From?


The book is now in stock available at Amazon. You can use this link:


You can get a signed copy of the book. (While supplies last) here:
You can also get the book over on the Peachpit website here:
I’m excited to hear what you think of it.  Make sure you drop me a line and let me know.    Thanks so much for considering it!!


  1. Congrats on the new book! I got HDR Efez Pro on your recommendations but like you I have been looking over the fence at Photomatrix and I am liking what I see. I can see how I will need to invest in this book too. 😀

  2. When will an iBook/Kindle version be available

  3. Re-did my search to include “2nd edition” and found it on Kindle!

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