Fuji XT1 Portrait: Tatom

Dusk in Ft. Desoto

Yesterday I was driving around just noodling arond with some pictures.  With 2 hours before dusk, I called out to some friends to see if they would try out an idea.  Tatom quickly replied via email and said “Sure!”   Another big thanks goes out to Tommy Vidal  and Mirta Monroy for making the drive out to just play around.

The shot was taken with the Fuji XT1 and the Profoto B1 Air light attached to a Beauty Dish and Grid


  1. RC, wonderful capture! Is the B1 decent for on location shooting in the afternoon? Can it overpower the sun or will it work as a fill?

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  3. Hi there and good evening from the UK

    I am looking at getting a Fuji XT-1, and I am definitely going to purchase a couple of the B1’s shortly.

    My question is that it says you are using the Fuji and the B1’s for your portrait shot, I was wondering what you were using to trigger the B1’s as I have read in the litrature that they only work with Canon and Nikon or am I missing a trick here.

    Thanking you in advance for your help

    Kind regards

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