Show Me Your Desk! (Thinking of Getting an Updesk)


So a couple of days ago, I started researching standing desks – specifically, the UpDesk.  My friends Cali Lewis and John P. are getting them installed in their new Geekbeat building.  Through the research I find out that another friend (Jeremy Cowart) is a user of the Updesk.

I know that in a perfect world is love to replace desks at work and at home but I want to start small.

Right now, my desk solution is totally not working for me. As much as I liked this Ikea desk – it’s kinda like the anti up desk.

The low rider desk. At it’s highest point it’s about 27 inches.

Oh. And it’s sagging from the weight of the gear. (Rock star life – I know. I just haven’t gotten around to it.)

To be able to go up and down in height I think would be a cool thing- a 72 incher would be pretty neat – crank based or electric.  That said, I saw something cool on the UpDesk website.  They have something called an UpWrite desk.  Basically a powered desk with a top (black or white) that you can use a whiteboard on.  I could see having a 60” at work, then having something like 48×36 UpWrite as a kind of “Idea Pod” – could wheel it into meetings or use it to write ideas.. then can just crank down as a desk…   Its been fun to think about the possibilities.

That said. I wondered about everyone else. Surely I can’t be alone in this “I’ll get to it” desk scenario.

I’d love to see what your desk looks like at home – the place you create. Share a picture with what your desk looks like. Maybe this can inspire a change!

Or let us commiserate lol.

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