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Not too long ago, we got into a conversation on one of our podcasts about what kinds of things inspire me. I found it funny to look back at this because so much of what inspires me feels like a direct opposite of the things that I shoot.


I tend to shoot a lot of big pictures.  Something you’d want printed 3 feet wide.  Deep detail and color.  But – in my head – im fantasizing about portraits with lights.  Simple constructions.   I like working with people, and a part of me feels like a castaway in a series of electric things.  Now, I’m a happy castaway – I feel like ive found a place that i can really work.  Make good images – and more importantly – build an easily understood bridge to get to them.  I want to be a good teacher, above all, so this has been a good run.

That said – every teacher has a master.  To me, it’s always been about three people: Jay Maisel, Gregory Heisler, and Joe McNally.  These three photographers have been such great founts of inspiration for me photographically for their vision, direction, flair, and sheer tenacity at the work.  They’ve led me to find new photographers, and let me keep my spark alive.

Visiting the Monroe Gallery

While I was out in New Mexico, I got a chance to visit the famed Monroe Gallery.  Monroe Gallery focuses on black and white photography – specifically related to humanist/photojournalist artists. The people that are in this gallery are the people that I read about in my books at home (see above).


Imagine walking into a space and just being face to face with the work of Alfred Eisenstadt?  Or staring at a picture from Margaret Bourke White?

I even got a chance to have a up close and personal look at the picture of Allen Ginsberg taken by John Loengard!!  (why is this important?  Read the previous post I did about how this fits in my life)



This is a picture of my friend Michel.  Between him, Mike Wiacek, and I, we were like kids in a candy store. If you are anywhere near this area, you really must visit The Monroe Gallery.  You will leave here so amazingly recharged. The gallery alone more than made for my visit to Santa Fe.  Thank you so much for that.


NEWS:  Joe McNally’s Solo Show in Monroe Gallery Oct 3 – Nov 23 2014   – Info Here!


  1. I loved the photography galleries in Santa Fe. They were free, casual, unpretentious and mostly dog friendly (unlike the Georgia O’Keeffe Gallery that was none of those things)! Where else can you walk right up to original Eisenstaedt’s that up till now I only saw in books. Very Inspirational!

  2. Love the old store shot with the bicycles!! Where is that!!!!????
    Want to shoot there!

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