The Worldwide Photo Walk: 2 Days Away!


Hey everyone!  We are full speed ahead for the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk!  With over a THOUSOND cities available, Saturday is going to be a pretty intense event with users from around the world sharing their images!

The walk that I am doing in Ybor is going to be pretty full – But that doesn’t mean you cant get in on the action!  Make sure you go to the Worldwide Photo Walk website and click on the Find Walks button.  From there, you can browse the world map or type in your city.  Chances are there’s a walk waiting for you to join.


Keeping It Social


If you are using Twitter, make sure that you let us know how things are going in your city by using the official hashtag for the walk: #WWPW2014  – I’ll be checking the interwebs throughout the day and would LOVE to see pictures of you guys out there making photographic history!

Make sure you are also following the KelbyOne Twitter account and KelbyOne on Facebook!


Share On Flickr!


We are also working with Flickr to have an open group where we can collect images from all of your walks (this will be separate from the competition side of it) .  If you want to share the pictures while you walk make sure you join our open group.  Here is the link to register: 


Use The Flickr Mobile App!


We’ve also been encouraging people to download the Flickr Mobile App so you can take pictures of the event, share them on Twitter – and post them all from one app!

Download the Flickr App for iOS

Download the Flickr App for Android


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