The Son Comes Home


My dad was a building superintendent growing up as a kid in the Bronx. My mom and dad used to make ends meet by driving their car around and collecting bottles and cans- cashing in their 5 cent deposits to put food on the table.

Their help allowed me and my brothers to graduate High School. My graduation was here at Javitts.

This morning, I’m walking to Javitts to speak at the Photo Plus Expo.

Passing this scene, it reminds me of how much was given from them- and all of you – for me to get to do this.

Have a great show everyone!


  1. The main reason I follow your blog isn’t the work you do at KT (tho that would be enough). It’s that you so often speak from the heart in a way that resonates so strongly with mine

    Safe travels.

  2. your parents did good as have you.

  3. RC…how to plant the seed for a great work ethic..think back to what your parents did for you. Love this story!!

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