On Being a Photographer Dad.


This afternoon, I noticed that Beenie coloring in a corner of her room. I asked her to move her book to a window seat so she can see a little better.

Truthfully – I did it so I can try to squeeze my fat bottom in the corner and see if I could make a shot showing how happy she was to be working on the book. I’m trying to take as many pictures of her as I can before she starts chasing me out or purposefully messing them up…. I feel bad jamming a camera in her face sometimes..

But for today, I was such a good relief for me when I finally wedged by behind on the floor to hear her say “Oh, dont worry daddy. I dont mind you taking my picture. Its ok.. “

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  1. Being a father of two girls, now grown, I can empathize with you. I came to photography when they were already into their teens, and of course they wouldn’t let me get near them with a camera…unless it was to “mess up” the shot with grotesque faces, or something similar. Enjoy her my friend, because they grow up so fast.

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