Connor – The Littlest Firefighter


Today I had a portrait shoot scheduled for our local Fire Department.  We got some really cool images, but I was most excited about this:

This is my little buddy Connor.  All of 3 – he’s fascinated about Firefighters.  Imagine his surprise as the entire firehouse took him in when he showed up.  They dressed him up in his own suit, got pictures with him.  He got to ride on the truck.  He even got to do the horn! It’s things like this that make these guys even more special.  Who knows – perhaps they’ve set someone in motion to become one of The Bravest.


  1. As always you rock my friend! Excellent, but is there more to Connor’s story?

  2. Nice story! I’m in my home office this week! Give me a shout!

  3. RC, I love this post. I am a Fire Lieutenant with for City of Pittsburgh, and to hear about my brothers doing things for kids makes me smile. To know that others take the time to notice the things that your public servants do is heartwarming. It lets us know that the things we do are worth something. So often we don’t get feedback about the way we do our jobs, unless it’s negative. Most of us don’t go seeking the recognition, so when it comes, it means a lot. I’m on the back side of a Public Safety career, of over twenty-five years between several police departments and the Pittsburgh a Bureau of Fire. I’m working on getting better at my photography so that I can do that, as well as a career as a pilot once I retire from the Fire Department. Thank you for all of your courses. They really help me out!

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