Happy Thanksgiving – To All of You!


Before we kick off our Thanksgiving here with  Sabine, and my mother – a little Mexican Tamales in the morning.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you- to whom I owe so many thanks..

Thank you for spending your moments online with me.  Thank you for letting me share with you all the dumb little moments I think about… .

Thank you for letting me share my pictures, tell my stories, and share what I know about all of it.

If it were not for each and every one of you, I would not get to do what I do.  My entire family is very grateful for that – and I hope I get to do that for as long as I can..
Have a great one today!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving my friend to you and your family!

  2. I’ve seen many, many people write messages today and say thanks, but this is the first note I’ve come across where it seems like you, the writer, really MEAN it. FWIW, you show your gratitude for the good things in your life by helping people find the good things in theirs, and you do it every day by what you teach and the example you set.

    I have about 20 photo related feeds in my blog reader. Yours is the first I go to when I see a posting. I’m looking forward to our paths crossing again one day.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

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