Sabine is Selling Girl Scout Cookies!


Was excited to take this picture yesterday.  My little girl is quickly becoming a bigger little girl (I know… confusing)…

The part that I am finding extremely hard is how two different sets of emotions are in a absolutely direct collision with one another.

I hate the amount of guilt when a Girl Scout asks for cookie sales.  That guilt feels terrible.

I love the cookies.

I am now responsible for having a little girl that will ensure other people have to feel the guilt when she asks for a cookie sale.

Other people prob like cookies, right?  I mean, its not like she’s selling Gift Wrap.

Want Some?

I almost went in and setup her e-cookie site for friends and fans to be able to order cookies from me from everywhere.  That is, until I found out that shipping for 1 box of cookies was something like 13 dollars!!! I was like, find your own cookie pusher in your own city.

That said, If you don’t have a cookie pusher and want to use mine, make the amount of boxes big – like 6 to 10.  Send money via paypal, and i’ll have her ship it out to you.

I’m slowly becoming -that- guy….



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