My New Job at KelbyOne

While we were on The Grid yesterday Scott Kelby announced a bit of a change in direction for me at Kelby One.  I’m excited and humbled to take a position with the company of Director of Content and Education. I’m so thankful for all of the congratulations I’ve seen online – and figured I’d use the opportunity to share why I am so pumped to be doing this.

An Unabashed Evangelist


For 8 years I have been working with Kelby Media Group in providing education in photography and the Adobe suite of applications. We’ve worked on books together, launched a bunch of podcasts together, hosted events around the world, and joined people from around the world for fun and great causes.

One of the reasons I’ve been excited to do all of this comes from a mandate Scott Kelby told me right around the time I started

You can come in and do whatever you want.. provided that what you do is in the service of helping others.

I think that shines in a lot of what we do, and it makes me a great evangelist for our training.  We try not to waste yo ur time.  We try not to give you excessive and needless information.

We are that dedicated to answering your questions – and that makes me really proud of what we do here.

On the Shoulders of Great People

In addition to the podcasts, books, shows, and live tours, I’ll be responsible for leading the charge in education for the company and helping bring answers to every question you may have. The only way this could ever happen is if yout stand with a great team. I think it’s important to show you who they are.

Pete Collins


Pete Collins is  phenomenal illustrator, photographer, and Photoshop guru.  He looks at the technology in such a different perspective that it makes him great at showing you how to learn it as well.  He’s funny, intuitive, and extremely insightful.  I’m telling you this… You will see Pete on a New York Times bestseller list soon.

Corey Barker


Corey Barker is the “often imitated, never duplicated” Genie in Photoshop- easily one of the worlds best.  He has forgotten more about Photoshop that I know..and often we stand slack jawed in his office as to how he was able to use the tool to make even more amazing work.  the  good things here? He wants to show you how to do it all  he hides no secrets and tells you everything in his classes.

Mia McCormick


The team has come to see Mia McCormick as the industry vet in the world of news and broadcasting and an amazing combination of skills that we rely often. She’s a video editor, field reporter, interviewer, presenter, teacher.  She’s gone from reporting for news stations on the streets of Haiti to bringing you  the stories as an Anchor for a news station.  That combination of technical skill and professional work makes her a powerful  woman in our space. We are lucky to have her.

Ronni Oneil

girl and dogs

Ronni is the engine that keeps all of this stuff in motion.  As Traffic Coordinator for us, she keeps all of the balls in play, all of the people in our teams connected, and is often that silent voice you hear when you have comments that need answering.  There isnt a pot that Ronni’s hand isnt stirring behind the scenes .  We owe her a ton!

Scott Kelby


Yeah, I know – the guy’s name is on the side of the building.  But, what you don’t know about Scott is that when he comes into the office and has his teaching hat on, he is one of us.  Forget the millions of books, forget the tours and stuff.  He rolls up his arms and asks where he can help just like everyone else.  That brand of teaching is what has earned him the fans..  And that attitude on the team is what brings the spark to the step.


Its About -You-


Im sorry its a little long – but I think its important that you know that this is all done by many more people than you get to see.  I think its important that we all remember who we get to do it for, and who are the people that are doing their best to help – each and every day. If you have a question.  If you have an idea.  If you would like to see a class.  If we can help in any way.  Tweet, Facebook, Mail – just let us know..

…..This one is going out to my buddy Diane Osborn.  If you don’t know her story, you should check out my post about her here.  When we talked last she said I would be off to do great things…

Serving you guys…  I say great things indeed.





  1. Congratulations!

  2. YEAH!!! A natural fit for you. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations, RC!! Now I know we’re in for more great things from KelbyOne.

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  5. Great stuff, have always loved your humilty in the way you teach on tips and tricks, keep it up.

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