This One’s For Shelley and Gail :)

Having a great time out here at Imaging USA walking around and getting to meet all of you out there.  Was pumped to do a shoot for the party hosted by Canon.  I have a little bit of a blog that I wanted to post up there on that later.  I just needed to get this special message out…

So, I was sitting here recharging and trying to get my bearings for the afternoon, when Shelley and Gail showed up, looking stern.  I ask whats up?

“Well.. we’ve checked your blog and noticed that the picture that they took of you when you were taking a picture of us wasnt posted.  Whats up with that?!?” Sheepishly I reached into my phone and scrolled through to find it.   I also made them a promise that i’d give them a shout out. So.. theres..   Thanks for the harassment Shelley and Gail.  It was nice to run into you again! 🙂

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