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Join Me for a Special Photography Event

Hey everyone! Wanted to share a cool project that I was asked to work on – and see if you wanted to join me in this assignment. This could be your chance to make a picture that gets into a gallery! Let me share with you the details:



I was approached by the Canon imagePROGRAF large format printer folks to partner with them on this special event called “From Light To Ink” (hashtag: #FromLightToInk) . This is a chance to get people that are shooting with a Canon to explore printing their images in a grand scale with the imagePROGRAF line of printers. I believe that one of the best things that we can do with our photography is to make sure people see it in the best form possible – the print. Large scale prints give an epic feel to them, so I tend to print as large as the walls at home let me. The bigger the better.

(If you want to learn more about imagePROGRAF, click here)

“From Light To Ink” is a special event where a theme is given to four photographers: the amazing John Stanmeyer, Karen Grubb, Jacob Santiago and myself. The theme for this project is “Embrace”. Together, over the next few weeks, we’ll make images that resonate with us in the spirit of that theme. The pictures will then be shown at the Joshua Liner gallery in New York City on June 12 and 13th 2015 – which I’m extremely excited and proud about.



This is my most favorite part of the event – because it includes YOU! Over the next two weeks, I would love to have you submit an image based on this theme as well. I’ll go through and collect them, look them over. At the end of the two weeks, I’ll pick TWO of the images of the group.

YOUR winning images will be shown at the Joshua Liner gallery in New York City alongside ours. You’ll have the opportunity to bring yourself and a guest to NYC,  stay in the heart of New York City and attend the gallery on June 12.- all paid for! Your work. You get to bring a friend. To NYC. For a show. Yours. At that point – go into full freak out mode and tell everyone to get to the gallery – you are officially a gallery commissioned artist!


If you would like your image to be considered for the “Embrace” theme in the project, you can do so at this link: (this is my personal MailChimp Signup List. Easiest way to get a hold of you guys on this) Before you send your image over, make sure that you follow the rules as outlined below:

  • Photo must be original and shot with a Canon camera (captions should include settings used to capture the photo)
  • Submitter must disclose which Canon camera and lens was used
  • Submitter must be 18 years of age or older and a U.S.-based resident
  • Photo must meet the criteria for the campaign theme and scalable to print 3 ft. x 2 ft.
  • Only (1) one entry per user will be considered
  • Hashtag #FromLightToInk must be incorporated in the image caption


Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be writing here giving you guys updates on the project, reviewing images that you’ve submitted, and wrestling down the images I make to the final 7. If you want to stay up to date on all of the progress, make sure you check back here at the KelbyOne Blog, My Facebook or Twitter Pages, or at my site: You can also search the web with the hashtag #FromLightToInk and see more information on the project.

I look forward to seeing your images!

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