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Three Images from the #FromLightToInk Campaign

Welcome everyone to another update from the #FromLightToInk campaign. In just a few weeks, two of you will have your pictures along mine at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York City on June 12-13 2015. There have been a bunch of images that have been submitted, and for that I thank you very much! While I am still going over all of the images for submission to the gallery, I figured it would be cool to share three of them that have caught my eye right now.

Erin Monroe:
Erin’s shot of a man holding a small child in black and white offers you a peek into a very special moment between two individuals. The nice use of black and white here in addition to the placing of the subjects around the white area of the image really bring you into the center of the shot. You can really feel the connection between the two people in the picture, and the mood feels very pensive and relaxing. I could definitely see people wanting to sit and look at the picture –wondering about the relationships they know as well as guessing at the moment that these two are having with one another. This kind of moment would be something that would definitely benefit from being printed large-scale – giving you a chance to be right in there with them. You can ‘feel’ the concept of Embrace here.

John Barrett:
Alaska Aurora
This picture showing the beautiful Aurora Borealis really makes you feel like the world is embracing you. Those small hints of green feel like fingers across a planet. This picture spoke to me because of the tranquility – but also because it is one of those shots that you can appreciate so much more if you can feel the space. It screams “Print me large!!” and I think you can feel it more when you do. John’s got great work and this is another example of it.

Rachel Tine:
Rachel’s image on a boardwalk definitely has a fine art feel to it. Initially I had to look at the image several times to think about what was going on here. I thought that the image felt a little bit like a flamingo and asked me to inspect it over and over and figure out what was going on. Once I was comfortable with the person in the shot – it made me wonder about the pose and the mood – creating an image that was visually sticky. The use of the color palatte was really interesting, and the whole image had a great feel to it. Again.. you’re embraced by the moment and you want to dive in – a definite plus.

Make sure that you check back here in a couple of days. I’ll be sharing which two images will be joining me in the gallery in New York City!

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