Back On The Road – The Loadout

After an all too brief summer break its time for me to hit the road. Excited to be kicking off the Lightroom CC Power Tour.  First stop, Charlotte, NC.

Usually brings me to a gear gush. What kinds of things come out on the road.

These days I have three lenses that come out with me: The 16-35, the 24-70, and the 70-200 all paired on the Mark III.

One of a series of upgrades that I’m making inside of the bag is the slow move into the G-Tech EV ATC’s for the drives. I still have about 4 Gdrive Mini’s that I have to swap out for the EVs .  Once that’s done – get a second EV dock for work and I’m good to go.  I am notoriously hard on my gear so I’m liking the added protection of the ATC. I’ll have the drives out on the desk so if you’re at the tour you’re more than welcome to poke and prod them.

What other things do I find essential here? An Anker battery. Anker power dock (this comes in soooo handy at the hotel), a JBL Bluetooth speaker (need to try the Anker ones). And rounding out the gear bag is an Alivecor Portable ECG machine– for those times you need an ECG on the road….

The bag? Thinktank Roller Derby. Fits perfectly in the “does your bag fit in this sample cage” spots outside of the gate – so you know you’re good. In the plane- the four wheels make moving up the aisle a dream. I’m always banging neighbors all the way to my seat. This thing packs all of the above. Plus more. And an iPad, MacBook Pro, Palette system and Wacom tablet.

This can get me a couple of days of work done. Better to have and not need than need and not have, I say…  See you soon Charlotte!!

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