Star Wars Print – Donation Sale for Hudson

On this #ForceFriday #ForceAwakens day our hearts are with Huddy.  Hudson is a kid who at 16 months old was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma in 2004.  He is now 4 years old, and this week the family was just told he has two months to live.

Two months.  I cant even begin to comprehend how to look at my daughter – who is 6 – and know that she would be gone 2 years by now.  I was talking to my friend Kathy about it, just hung up the phone and cried…   I couldn’t imagine how helpless this must feel for the entire family.

So what are they doing?  They’re taking as many resources as they can, as much of their finances as they can and giving as many memories as they can in two months.

JUST YESTERDAY Kathy found out that there were two things Hudson wanted:

  • A pony ride
  • Battle Darth Vader.

Kathy was able to reach out to the 501st Tampa Garrison and in no time flat has several volunteers at the ready.  Whenever Hudson feels up to doing it – he’s getting that Vader battle.  The 501st is an amazing organization, and they deserve so much credit and praise for doing things like this day in and day out.

*What I’m Trying*

I couldn’t even dare to presume I could give this family anything of value other than my voice or what I can do in a camera.  I’ve taken some cool #StarWars shots.  I’m going to print them.  I’m going to send them for his room.

I’m also going to print them to sell.  Here’s the deal:  Go to his YouCaring site for Donations.  Make a donation of 200.00.  You can have your choice of any of these prints, up to a 17×22. Want a 24×30 – make a donation bigger than 200.

I’ll print it, sign it, and ship it to you.  Maybe that can give them something.. or try to help.

It’s just sad.  Today we are seeing all of this Stars Wars stuff for a movie that’s out in December.

And a 4 year old fan will never even get to see it.  Imagine if he could?


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