On February 19, 2016 KelbyOne announced “…a strategic realignment plan designed to refocus our efforts on the core principles that KelbyOne was founded upon, which is to provide affordable, world-class, online training to creative people everywhere.” As a result of this – the content team responsible for producing classes internally for KelbyOne (Mia McCormick, Pete Collins, Corey Barker, and I) were no longer employees of Kelby Media Group.

Being able to shape and direct the content that was brought to all of you is something that I look back at with immense pride, and I am grateful to have served all of you through these years.


During this transition, I was asked by Kelby Media Group to present at Photoshop World, continue to work on classes for KelbyOne, and continue my hosting duties on The Grid – but I politely declined. Truth is – I had been interested in charting my own waters and I am excited to work on something that, I feel, would have a great value to this community I’ve come to know and love with my own true authentic voice.

While I am blessed to work as a photographer in the photo/video space – I consider myself to be a teacher at heart. I’ve always looked at my position as one that I -get- to do. I have always been excited to share with you things I’ve learned and believe will take your love of this art further. To that, there have always been topics and ideas that I think essential – that I really didn’t have an opportunity to cover in a way I believe will “stick”. How do I stay away from showing you unnecessary scenarios or shooting conditions that only .01% of photographers would ever attempt and instead focus on bringing you the things that will really bring movement to your craft – and make it so that it’s affordable to everyone?

Learn With Us At First Shot School

I’m excited to announce that I have started a new online training school called First Shot School. I will be directing the content and education on the new site which will include classes, tips, ideas, podcasts, and content that will help you creatively. This will be opportunity to connect with our community of creatives in a unique and interesting way – a way that I’ve longed to do in the past.

Here’s a BTS… my set for classes. 1 of 5  sets in process now.. .other sets will do more classes and an upcoming podcast. 🙂 (Remember all that woodworking with Kim Patti you’ve been seeing on my Instagram? I give you – Kim Patti Studios!)

What I Hope For In My New Space


Not too long ago, Kevin, Mia, and I sat around at the new studio and thought about what we would consider to be the tenets of what we want to produce here. We thought these three things would be important to form what we do:

  • The education we bring must solve problems and bring inspiration that you can immediately put to use.
  • We must work with our partners to produce third party content that educates and informs. Our job is to show -how- technology can be useful in what we do – and we do that through education.
  • We need to be focused on not wasting your time. Each tip, blog post, course or package needs to be educationally dense. Your time is valuable and we’re grateful you spend it here.

It has been a crazy couple of months getting everything ready over here, and I’m excited to say that it’s on a roll. The studio is up and running and we’re buzzing through content that we can’t wait to share with you!

I’ll probably go back to posting random coffee machine rants, odd projects that come to me in the middle of the night, and random musings here. If you’d like to be aware of what kinds of stuff we’ll be doing, I encourage you to visit the First Shot School website or you can sign up for the mailing list over there on the right.

Thanks for listening!