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Post Christmas – Print Sale

So, I spent my Christmas day playing around with some of the pictures that I took over the trip and making prints.  4 of them really stood out to me,  and I havent really posted them online (yet.. going to over the next few days).   I got a couple of asks about the Burj Al Arab picture for prints, so I figured i’d put some out here.

Each of these pictures are on 8.5×11 paper, Hahnemuhle stock (I like the William Turner 310, but can do Gloss options too).  $100.00 per picture.   Only printing 20 of each for sale – then it’s done.

If you want a bigger size, we can talk about price, but it will also pull from the lot of 20.  Once 20 prints are sold – at whatever size.. its done.

Email me at rc -at- if you’re interested.


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