My New Lightroom Book is Here!

A very happy day for me today! I just got the first copies of the fourth book that I was working on over the summer, The Enthusiast’s Guide to Lightroom by Rocky Nook. This book is designed to give you the things that I think are the most important things to consider when working with Adobe Lightroom. I cannot thank the folks at Rocky Nook enough for working with me while writing two back to back books – it really came out well!

What The Book Is About

The book is broken down into 55 individual principles you should keep in mind, and cover every section in the Lightroom workflow.  From importing your images, to the creation of Collections and Collection Sets.  Developing your images quickly to using next level effects. Creating slideshows or things to consider for printing – each principle teaches you how to best setup Lightroom to work for you. Additionally, you get exercise files that you can use to follow along and learn.

Where To Get The Book

The book is now available anywhere books are sold!  Check out the Rocky Nook Website, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon.  As I start moving around touring in support of the book, I’m sure I will find myself running into a Barnes and Noble and some some Guerilla book signing sessions there.  Obviously, if you are in the Tampa area and want to pick one up here in the studio, we may even get to sit down and have some coffee to chat about it. 🙂

Buy My Training – Get a FREE Book!

Since leaving Kelby I’ve spent a great amount of time at my studio working on my new training place First Shot School (If you dont, click this and read. Still kinda surprised as to how many people still dont know).  Ive worked with Mia McCormick on designing a bunch of classes on Photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, DSLR Video, Mobile and more.  We’re running a special now where you can get 15 courses (2 of these are full 4 hour courses in Photoshop and Lightroom), 50 Presets AND my new book for only $99.  As supplies last around here i’ll sign books and send them out too.  Make sure you sign up here.  I’d love to have you as a student!

Check out My Free Class!

If you want to see a quick sample of the kinds of classes we are offering at First Shot School, I made a 10 lesson class you can check out for free at the site.  Just click here to register and you can check it out.

As always – thank you so very much for your time and patience.  I’m grateful that you guys are checking this out and hope to be able to serve you soon!



  1. RC , I joined your school soon after we met , at the smoked mountain summit in Townsend this fall. Upon signing up I think I was supposed to get your Lightroom book sent to me.
    Could you please check on this , thanks.
    Your classes are great . Thanks again, mike
    1617 blue springs road
    Ville platte,
    Louisiana 70586

  2. Ex, I watched you on CreativeLive photoshop 2018 and I was in awe! You know that moment when you KNOW it’s right? Well you are my “right”. I learned so much from you and purchased every single class of yours and a gal, layatin….(I know I spelled that wrong) really helped me find more about you. She is a former student and suggested I check your school out so here I am! I’m signing up to learn from the best! I already had a favorite instructor that I followed to the tee, that is until I watched your courses. You definitely caught my attention as a beginner and thank you! I feel this is going to start my journey off in the right direction!

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