Up in the Air

We are in New York for the holidays- something we have not done for 9 years. While we are up here I decided to get out to NJ and take a helicopter ride in the city with the FlyNYON folks.

I originally booked a 30 minute flight during sunset but as I made the 2 hour ride into NJ I found out that the flight was cut to 15 minutes. With NY being a sharp 28 degrees – it really wasn’t advisable to be running in a helicopter with no doors in the middle of the city , lest you become a popsicle.

I went to school in upstate NY- with temps easily reaching -15 during the winter. I’m not a whiner for the cold. I will say though – sitting on the side of the helicopter with your feet on the skids, that was the coldest I had ever been. It was a cant-think-straight kind of cold.

I think I made a shot. Just finishing it up – but the FlyNYON folks let us use the other 15 min on a later time. I’m really excited to try my hand then.

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