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Digital Convergence – The Good and Bad

I’m so ever grateful to have had an opportunity to teach and share with people online using technology.  While i’ve loved being able to share what I know and what I create – I’d be lying if I didn’t say that a portion of this also created a very real amount of stress – which invariably affected creativity.

Just a few years ago, our phones were able to just make calls, and the occasional text message.  Photography – while in the digital space – was something that  I did on with a separate camera and a computer.  This meant that I could keep the process of creating pictures separate from what I did on the phone.

Creating podcasts and shows were also something that were done separately from my phone.

As the phone got “smarter” , you started seeing apps come to the forefront.  The phone got better cameras, and with that, better apps to control the images that you made with them.  The images that were once used for record-keeping and quick snapshots now started to take more meaning and intention.  As the images took more intention, I started to spend more time in their construction.

The same could be said in the world of video.  The better the video tools got in the phone, the more intention I put into the creation of the videos.  As social apps moved into the phone, I now saw that community, education, and creation sat in one device.  The technological convergence could be seen as democratizing liberating in its efficiency.

Or, so I thought.

Truth is, the more the technology converged, the more I found myself wanting to stay on top of it.  The more creators came in to the space to make – the more I wanted to create to be different.  The push to have everything in one device meant that I wanted to do everything on the device all of the time – and it was consuming.

As it turns out – Content Creator Burnout is real – and a common thing for many people who live in the social space.

Maneuvering through this to find balance is one thing that i’ve set as a resolution in 2021.  May I hope to get close to it. 🙂

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