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Outrage and Cancel Culture Collide

Look on social media over the last couple of days and you would have noticed a series of posts that alleged the Cracker Barrel logo had racist undertones.

One Facebook Post read “Thats why blacks called whites crackers, from the crack of the whip. A cracker barrel is a barrel that held the whips for sale at the country store. You see the whip going from the R to the K? Racism in your face!!”

As I went out to search for more information on this, a Snopes post revealed that this in fact was not true.  Unfortunately, by this time, the post was out and many users started to share it on different platforms.

With the speed and ferocity of the internet, we have to come up with a faster way to dive into disinformation and monitor it before it takes root.  Companies spend years (and large sums of dollars) to develop their reputation and it is troublesome to know that they are a couple of pictures and a quick meme away from losing all of it.

There was a Cracker Barrel next to my house in Tampa Florida – and I would visit it every so often.  My experience there was completely different from what you would see on the internet today.  I remember how warm and inviting it was, that I made a picture of their sign – back in 2016.  I would love to see others share their positive stories of Cracker Barrel as well, and save our outrage for things that are absolutely vital.

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  1. Just read your post aboit Cancel Culture. So, agree, that we are taking it way too far. There will be nothing left if we continue in this diretion. We are we trying to destory so much with all of this.
    I have eaten at Cracker Barrel several time and had good experiences. Let’s save the outrage for more issues

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