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The Splinternet and Freedoms Across Platforms

Article: The Internet is Splintering – The Internet Is Splintering
Facebook and Google exist in so many countries. Who should decide the rules in each one?

The article above talks about how online companies have to juggle different rules and content to take into account the different rules and laws of countries.  One of the things that the article that i thought was really interesting is the concept of setting common code of conduct as expressed by the Global Network Initiative – something that I think would be invaluable as a technological baseline for free communication and an area for disputes.

I believe that something like this would be an extremely valuable mission for the United Nations – almost like an internet communications version of something that’s brought to The Hague.  While I think that most of the policies outlined in the article talk about the protection of free speech, I think that it is equally important to consider the amount of misinformation that is found online.

A couple of years ago, John Oliver dedicated a portion of his Last Week Tonight on how Facebook takes a lax stance at hate speech online – specifically  Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

In this, i think that having a common standpoint where we can talk about free speech, and how we can separate the free speech from hate speech would be a vital conversation for a global standard.  More importantly – the organization could focus on what standards we can adopt to curb hate speech and misinformation on these platforms.


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