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Still Struggling with Gutenberg

I’ve been a big evangelist for designing sites on WordPress for quite a while.  I think that deploying a site on them is incredibly easy – made even easier with things like the Installatron app in Godaddy.  So much so, the first book I wrote was based on how to get yourself up quickly using WordPress for a photography website.  We used it to power a lot of sites in my previous work (,, Lightroom Killer Tips, Photoshop TV, Kelby Training) – so it definitely proved that it could be used for “bigger” work.

For the consumer, however, it always posed a couple of key problems:

  • The layout by itself looked simple, and just like every other layout out there.  In order to really stand out, a good amount of effort needed to be made to get a theme to work with it.
  • Staying on top of comments and spam required a fair bit of time (even with things like Jetpack installed)
  • Changing the featureset required users to quickly become familiar with plugins, and understand how plugins could invariably affect page load and possibly compromise the site (can’t tell you how many black lists I wound up on based on that)

One of the more recent problems I had though was with the newer implementations of WordPress that use the new Gutenberg layout.  This new way of creating content forced older WordPress used to have to learn a new way for how to interact with the site, and many people found it confusing.   So much so, that it made people blog less.

For me, it was so bad that I opted to install a plugin to bring back the older WordPress editor to continue to use it.

I know change is inevitable, and if you are just starting out, Gutenberg makes a lot more sense..   But, all I wanted to do was make a post.  Now, I can get back to doing that in my old fuddy-duddy way!

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