1. […] waited for our food. If you want to see some more great interior HDR work check out RC Conceptions blog PF […]

  2. […] workshop.  Each of them could easily do this on their own, but as a team they are incredible!  R.C. Concepcion works on Scott Kelby’s staff, enough said about him, right?  “Snake” is an […]

  3. […] of all the elements of the photograph, and that he was going to write a blog post about it over at his website. As he continued on about not only the significance of each element, but how everything was related […]

  4. […] all by himself and that without his team, it wouldn’t be possible.  Jim Begley, Snake and RC were invaluable and so very giving.  Quick to share and spend time helping all of us understand […]

  5. […] were our hosts for the walk and pro­vided great instruc­tion and advice dur­ing our out­ing. R.C. is from NAPP and was one of the instruc­tors at the HDR pre-​conference track. Lew & Bob […]

  6. […] pre-​cons were booked up. I’d thought about tak­ing the HDR course with Matt Kloskowski and R.C. Con­cep­cion, but I waited too long. After arriv­ing at Encore on Sun­day evening, I spent the next cou­ple […]

  7. […] AboutRC Not everything on Photoshop Guy’s blog is HDR, but he did write a book about HDR. Share this:FacebookTwitterGoogle +1EmailPrint Bookmark the permalink. […]

  8. […] 20. About RC by RC Conception Another great blog from Photoshop expert, and Kelby training trainer (as well as regular on several of Kelby Media’s podcasts) […]

  9. […] good reason, Scott Kelby has RC Conception at this beck and call; you do not. You get me instead, and whichever of my plugins you purchase or […]

  10. […] are two pictures. I’ve not taken the picture, credit goes to Rafael Concepcion for this but I have changed the mappings to create an HDR image from the […]

  11. […] that day, R.C. Concepcion personally introduced me and Michael to Zack Arias, which was a pretty big deal for us since we […]

  12. […] His blog is here: Scott Kelby Blog.  Scott’s entire group, including Matt Kloskowski,  RC Concepcion, and others have all been a great resource and help to get my photography to what it is […]

  13. […] About RC (Rafael Concepcion) […]

  14. […] and are not absolute controls. Thieves are lazy, and will take the path of least resistance. RC Concepcion wrote two articles that appear in the last two issues of Photoshop User magazine. He has some great […]

  15. […] Concepcion – http://www.aboutrc.com/blog RC is a helpful author and podcaster who shares his discoveries in great posts.  He’s a natural […]

  16. Hello RC ,Please when one opens a ACR file in Photoshop,how do you save it as a dng file if you dont want to save it as a tiff file? Please could you explain what happens when a raw NEF file of original size of 27.2 mb becomes 127mb tiff file and lastly what should be the best order format for saving NEF file (NEF > TIFF or DNG or X ? before finally to jpeg). Thank you.

    Ghana,West Africa
    +233 24 3469535

  17. […] Rafael Concepcion or RC is the ‘gentle-giant’ of this group of gifted Photoshop instructors. His presence can be deceiving, compared to his patient, soft-spoken manner. Displaying great care and compassion, RC is truly at home teaching and educating others. You can easily see his joy when he shares new ideas and concepts that connect with his audience. He’s having a blast doing what he loves and it shows. It’s a win-win! […]

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