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My Mothers Computer Portrait
December 29, 2009

Her First Computer by RC Concepcion on 500px My mom Cristela. Cristela was raised poor in Mexico in a town called Piaxtla, in the state of Puebla. She spent all of her time in Mexico raising sheep and selling tamales on the street - 1 of 14 children. Back then, children were farmhands and education wasn't really something that was instilled in them. With no education, and few skills, she came to the US and met my dad Rafael...

Logan Rose at Miami Beach
December 21, 2009

This is a picture of Logan Rose, a very beautiful dancer attending the University of Miami. I met her through a mutual friend of my wife - and she was very keen on helping me out get a shot in a pinch. I was traveling and wanted to get a cool sunset shot. While I was happy with the shots that came out - it was the shots that I did after the sun went down that I was most happy with. In this shot, the sun is almost out, and it tinged the sky...