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Up in the Air
December 27, 2017

We are in New York for the holidays- something we have not done for 9 years. While we are up here I decided to get out to NJ and take a helicopter ride in the city with the FlyNYON folks. I originally booked a 30 minute flight during sunset but as I made the 2 hour ride into NJ I found out that the flight was cut to 15 minutes. With NY being a sharp 28 degrees - it really wasn't advisable to be running in a helicopter with no doors in the middle of...

A Quick Tip of the Hat to Mark Shaw
December 22, 2017

Before heading out for Christmas in NY, I got a chance to do a #senior #portrait shoot for my friends kid. She wanted to pay tribute to an Audrey Hepburn picture made by Mark Shaw - so it was all available low light. In times like this I really like switching the Picture style to Monochrome and shooting Raw+JPG. More often than not I just use the JPG but I have the Raw just in case. Quick in and...

The Great Tamale Adventure
November 21, 2017

My mom and dad met on the streets of the South Bronx in the seventies, and raised us as best they could in the middle of the crack epidemic. My dad worked as a building janitor and my mom stayed home raising us kids. Neither of them ever went to school - but did the best they could to give us a chance at making something better for ourselves. Something they never really had a chance for themselves. To get away from it all my mom and dad...

On Sharing Many Sides
November 16, 2017

Over the last couple of days I have gotten some messages talking to me about what I share on social media and offering strategies to increase my social game by showing more of my photographic work on X platform.  It made me want to sit down and just write some thoughts on it. Think of it as a level-setting post on what i'm usually doing. I think of myself as an ever evolving ball of confusion, wrapped in a mess, tied together by a ball of ADD, in...