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November 5, 2017

I grew up in the South Bronx, but left at a very young age to go to school in upstate NY. While a lot of my sensibilities are city based, a lot of my teen life was spent out in the Adirondacks. I remember driving down from Champlain, NY along Lake Champlain near hyperventilating about leaving the area to head down to Poughkeepsie to work at IBM. I took the job at IBM because I thought it would get me closer to my dream. My dream was to own a little...

Laurens First Print
November 5, 2017

These are my favorite moments. I am working on classes here at the Smokies Photography Summit teaching people how to get their work to print using Hahnemühle USA paper. Im thinking of making some classes on this soon for my upcoming workshops in my Studio.   Lauren has been at photography for just 3 days, and wanted to go through the print process. In a couple of minutes we did some quick edits on her shot and everyone in the room was...

Back to the Beach - Sunday Morning
October 22, 2017

So... there's 100 tings that I have to work on at the office. And yesterday I was like "Sabine.. I have all of these projects that I have to do for work... I cant.. " when she asked to go back to the beach to collect shells.   As I was driving and saying "No" - I thought back to a conversation that I have been having with people about why I wanted to work for myself: To have the free hours where I can get to do stuff with my kid and not...

The Other Side of the Table
October 12, 2017

Yesterday I read an article from the CEO of Three Legged Thing that outlines steps for photographers to avoid in wanting to become “Brand Ambassadors.” In the article, the CEO laments the de-evolution of photographers - transforming into an “entitlement society” of artists wanting to force a collaboration in order to get free stuff, and offers a glimpse into what his side of the table looks like - the recipient of 50 to 80 emails a day from...