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Category: Canon

Getting the C100 MKII and My Story of Fear..
September 30, 2016

Im looking at this as part birthday present, part a weird kind of sword of Damocles.  But I finally decided to jump and do something with the thoughts in my head in making video by getting the C100 Mark II. I absolutely love being a photographer and educator.  But for the last 12 years or so, I've found myself driving around in my car listening to music and making scenes up in my head.  Then I extrapolate pictures from those scenes and make...

40 Minute Shoot with the Canon 5D Mark IV
September 12, 2016

40 Minutes - 1 Portrait I was sitting in the studio working on a couple of classes for the Fotopromos launch, when I got a call from a friend.  As it turned out - he had with him a newly released Canon 5D Mark IV with him and wanted to find out if I wanted to put it through its paces. The catch? I only had about 40 minutes to try to setup a shot and get it online. While there are plenty of times that I will get a chance to really play with a...

Showing Pictures in the Miami Museum
August 31, 2016

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking at the History Miami Museum on printing your images. Turnout was awesome and it was really cool to get out to speak about something that I think doesn't get a lot of talk in the photography space.  To that - i've been ever grateful that the printer team at Canon have indulged me as much as they have and have given me the platform to talk about this. Why I Love Printing I just think that printing...

Warren at Joshua Tree
April 18, 2016

Had an absolute blast hanging out with the folks at Olloclip for their Kickstarter experience.  After traveling several days out in southern California we headed out to Joshua Tree for some hiking and pictures. Made a quick picture of my friend Warren - a wonderful graphic designer and musician with The Post War.  Loved how small he is in the frame on the left compared to the immense rock formations in Joshua Tree.  Think i'll be running this...