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Category: Family

March for Our Lives - Tampa
March 25, 2018

On Saturday, Jenn, Sabine and I attended the March for Our Lives rally in Tampa, Florida.  I took my camera out and made a couple of shots to put into an Adobe Spark post.  You can check that out...

Back to the Beach - Sunday Morning
October 22, 2017

So... there's 100 tings that I have to work on at the office. And yesterday I was like "Sabine.. I have all of these projects that I have to do for work... I cant.. " when she asked to go back to the beach to collect shells.   As I was driving and saying "No" - I thought back to a conversation that I have been having with people about why I wanted to work for myself: To have the free hours where I can get to do stuff with my kid and not...

Sabine for Hillary 2016
November 2, 2016

When Sabine was three, we talked to her about hiding her tooth so the tooth fairy would bring her money.  Sabine responded that instead of money, she wanted the tooth fairy to bring her an American flag.  Since then, Sabine has had a fascination over government and the presidency.  She has created videos using Obama and pretending that he was talking.  To her, this stuff was important - and seeing Hillary running for president was something...

I'm a Reader
September 26, 2015

So Sabine is at PetSmart with me. She's in front of a cage and a couple of kids are circling it talking  Kids: "what animal is in here. I think it's a bug" A kid who's taller than her. Prob 7 is says. "yeah. It's a bug" Sabine: "I think it's a spider. Actually it's a tarantula" Kid: "no it's not" Sabine: "yes it is." Kid (with parent getting closer to him): "no. I think you're lying. You're a liar." Sabine (deadpan as deadpan can be): "no. I'm...