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Category: Family

Working on a Photo Wall Collage
April 29, 2014

Of all of the skills I wish I had - being able to decorate my home I wish were one of them. I go out and take pictures. I think theyre ok. I have a big wall by dining room. I want to make a picture collage. For the life of me, I have no idea of how many / what sizes to even put up in there. Days like this I wish I knew an interior designer to just bust out the idea in like an hour. Firing up Photoshop and giving it a...

Happy Easter!
April 21, 2014

Didnt get a chance to post earlier on it.. but really hoped everyone enjoyed their Easter / Passover was a good one. Happy Easter! Chag...

Hosting "The Grid" today at 4PM: Photoshop World Pre Show. Stop By!
April 2, 2014

Want to learn some cool things in Photoshop? Corey Barker, Brad Moore and I are on The Grid today at 4PM giving you a sneak peek of the things that we'll be doing in Photoshop World - Atlanta. I'll show some video editing (and slideshow creation in Adobe Photoshop´╗┐ . Corey will dazzle you with some compositing work). We'll take your questions. Want a photo critique? Send a picture in! The party starts today at 4PM. Tune in at...

Dont Mess with the Novellas
April 1, 2014

Dont Mess with the Novellas The fastest way to get your head taken clear off in a Spanish household is to mess with an old Spanish mom's novellas. We cut our FIOS cable and phone and went to just Internet only. Then we found out my mom was coming to visit. Yikes!!! Well as it turns out, if you use the FIOS Mobile app, you can get some of the channels that you would get if you were using an HD antenna in your home. No antenna required....