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The HDR Book

I'm pretty excited about this and figured i'd share. As soon as I finished the "Get Your Photography On The Web" book, i jumped right in and started working on book 2. This book would focus on the world of HDR Photography. I'm happy to say that the book is now available! Why You Will Want To Get This Book I dig running around making things into HDR works of art, as many people out there do. If you do a search on the bookshelf for HDR, you will find…
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Shooting Sister Kill Cycle w/ Westcott Strobelites

When you walk into your work on a Saturday afternoon, and you see these guys getting a music video recorded, you NEED to start a conversation! A few months ago that was just the scenario. They’re in the process of working out a video idea, and I was literally running in to pick up something that I had left in the office the day before. The guys had a very stylized look – something that I always love to shoot. In a few minutes, cards in hand, I was showing them the work that I was capable of doing, and talking to them about “I have ideas, and concepts.. and I’d think you’d be great for them”

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Back in the Saddle..and Blogging..

Dear Blog. I have been cheating on you. It’s been so long since you and I connected. But finally that should change..

The Flatiron Building

It’s been an interesting couple of months. I’ve spent a lot of the time moving a lot of my personal website stuff over to one location, and consolidating all of these web properties into one spot. That, and writing “Get Your Photography On the Web” being completed (more on that later), I felt like I was able to run up for air for a few days and take a look at this blog again.

Consider it a case of the Cobblers son not having any shoes – I just guess I thought that not that many people would be interested in hearing my personal views and voice on X, and Y – that most of the time they’d be interested in tutorials and teaching, and tech. As it turns out a lot of you were cool about emailing and asking about what I was going to do with the blog, so rather than just let it whither, I figured i’d come here and just spew about all sorts of stuff.

Why don’t I start by telling you about the image above- the Flatiron building in NYC. That was a doozy to get.


Central Park in the Fall

You could not have asked for a better day than today. So, I was in the mood to shoot a landscape while I was in New York City. Some of the best memories I have are walking through Central Park – so naturally this would be an immediate choice for me. However, I wanted to be able to shoot Central Park from a view not that many people get to see.

What I got, was an altogether memorable experience. Let me tell you about it!