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Shooting Lukas Zpira : 4 Lessons

So here's a story about working up the courage to go for what you want to shoot - and being rewarded in the process. Got a lot of cool lessons learned here.. I figured i'd share: The First Day: A Shoot with a Friend Im in the Exhibition hall of Photoshop World last year, walking around after already giving a talk at the Bogen booth. I talked about shooting, accessories and the such. It's the last day of the conference and i'm just taking it all in. walking around the…
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LEAP: Stroboscopic

There is a LOT going on in this picture, despite it being a very calm moment with Rob “The Hurricane” Peacock. For me, this was a picture that was a couple of months in the planning, but was so worth it.

The basics: 6 Speedlights involved, plus some ambient. All of this was in one frame. That’s what I was most pumped about. Let me give you the backstory.

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My Mothers Computer Portrait

My mom Cristela. Cristela was raised poor in Mexico in a town called Piaxtla, in the state of Puebla. She spent all of her time in Mexico raising sheep and selling tamales on the street – 1 of 14 children. Back then, children were farmhands and education wasn’t really something that was instilled in them. With no education, and few skills, she came to the US and met my dad Rafael (Sr.).

My Dad also didnt go to school. Two uneducated parents raising 7 children in the South Bronx. Let’s say education wasnt a priority for them.. but they made it for us. There isnt a day that doesnt go by that I don’t think of the sacrifices both of them made for all of us.

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Arguing about HDR Bugs Me

A couple of Photoshop World’s ago, my buddy Matt Kloskowski and I started teaching a class on HDR as a Pre-Con due to it’s increased demand. I was excited about the opportunity to do so: In one part because I got to teach alongside Matt, but in another because I would be able to share and explore in a technique that is getting a lot of press. After the second conference, I sat and thought about the work I was doing with it.

After some meditation, I gave myself a project. I knew that I was going to be traveling in the last 3 months of the year. Rather than focus on Speedlights and landscape stuff (which I had done before) I figured i’d sit and explore the concept of HDR photography further. It’d be a good time to get out and actually make some cooler ones.. explore.. and actually focus on doing -one- thing.. something that I seriously encourage people to do.