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Category: Photography

Seattle Skyline at Blue Hour
June 14, 2019

This image is made up of 21 images - 3 sections of a panorama taken with 7 stops of exposure in a bracket with the Fuji XT3. Merged together and finished with Lightroom. ...

Experimenting with the Fuji XT3 in Seattle (Sample Files Included)
June 12, 2019

With the end of semester in the rearview, i've hit the road to work on new books and speaking engagements. First stop - doing some teaching over at Creative Live for Photoshop Week. For this time on the road, I was excited to get on the road and play with pictures - with no real goal. I have had the Fuji XT3 on my desk for a bit, and I was like "Man, I really need to go out and make some shots with it to play". I remember how much I gushed...

2 Prints for Sale - Help.
May 18, 2018

Just a couple of days ago, a friend of mine - C - lost his wife at the age of 33 to Cancer.  She was a wife, a daughter - and most important of all - a mother to a 5 year old little girl. The courage and bravery that this family has in the face of all of this should serve as a model for the world.  This sucks - on so many levels - and I cant help but just scream on the inside about how unfair Cancer is to the loved ones.  I took these...

A Quick Tip of the Hat to Mark Shaw
December 22, 2017

Before heading out for Christmas in NY, I got a chance to do a #senior #portrait shoot for my friends kid. She wanted to pay tribute to an Audrey Hepburn picture made by Mark Shaw - so it was all available low light. In times like this I really like switching the Picture style to Monochrome and shooting Raw+JPG. More often than not I just use the JPG but I have the Raw just in case. Quick in and...