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The Engagement at La Jolla by the Sea

So there I was walking around with Ed Sanchez (one of the co-founders of NIk Software) getting some fresh air out in the beautiful La Jolla, CA area. We were in the office checking out stuff but the day called us out to just go walk and take the sea air in. We all grabbed cameras, just in case, but I think we were mostly into just being outside for the afternoon. As we were walking, I notice a girl running down this ramp to a young man waiting, taping…
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LEAP: Stroboscopic

There is a LOT going on in this picture, despite it being a very calm moment with Rob “The Hurricane” Peacock. For me, this was a picture that was a couple of months in the planning, but was so worth it.

The basics: 6 Speedlights involved, plus some ambient. All of this was in one frame. That’s what I was most pumped about. Let me give you the backstory.