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Category: Photography

40 Minute Shoot with the Canon 5D Mark IV
September 12, 2016

40 Minutes - 1 Portrait I was sitting in the studio working on a couple of classes for the Fotopromos launch, when I got a call from a friend.  As it turned out - he had with him a newly released Canon 5D Mark IV with him and wanted to find out if I wanted to put it through its paces. The catch? I only had about 40 minutes to try to setup a shot and get it online. While there are plenty of times that I will get a chance to really play with a...

The Charles Bridge in Prague
September 5, 2016

If there is one city that I think is absolutely gorgeous- and totally fits the style of photography that is stuck in my head it has to be Prague in the Czech Republic. I have wanted to go back there and shoot for several years now.  I want to get a shot like this one, but with some fog rolling in..  that would be awesome. I'll settle for this one - for...

The use of the PC in the Photo Space (and 3 lame reasons why I still use the Mac)
September 2, 2016

I always shudder at the concept of sharing my PC vs. Mac insight for the fear of the unending social back and forth that goes on with it.  That said, whenever I go out and see what new things are coming out on the PC front - I look back at the photo community and notice that there is still this under-the-surface belief that the Mac platform is the best when creating images. There are plenty of people using the PC for their work - but not a lot...

Pushing the 11mm Lens at the Library
August 29, 2016

  Found another shot I had done when I was in NYC in early August.  This was a shot of one of the reading rooms at the old New York Public Library.  I've always digged the expanse of the room, but hadn't really thought about how to make that shot in a manner that let you see all of the room. Canon was nice enough to loan me their 11-24 lens for me to play around with for a bit, and I had been looking for a reason to break it out and try...