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Category: Photography

Panoramic: Burj Khalifa at Dusk
March 20, 2015

Sitting on a flight from a quick trip up to NY after being out in Vegas and Dubai for the last couple of weeks. Man, does the jet lag kill right about now… I want to catch up with you guys on stuff that I’ve been working on as of late. Could not have been happier to the folks at Gulf Photo Plus Dubai for having me out there for the week. Got to make some friends, speak for Western Digital (hey guys! Nerd achievement unlocked!) , and re-connect...

The Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi
March 11, 2015

  During my day off at the Gulf Photo Plus Workshops - I was lucky enough to get out to the  Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center.  While there was a very big sandstorm in the area during dusk the sky opened to a beautiful purple image and  I took this shot. Canon 5D Mark iii - 24-70...

Portrait: Destiny Shami
February 27, 2015

In downtown Tampa shooting Destiny Shami - a dancer with the MJ Show out in Vegas. When we lost the light, we switched on the modeling light, aimed the hairlight towards the center of the graffiti, behind Destiny, and tried for another look. We shot this with 2 Profoto B1 Air Units. One with an Octa, one behind the dancer. Now obviously you need a little music to get Destiny going. Add a JBL Charge Bluetooth and Spotify and you're all...