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Category: Photography

Portrait: Destiny Shami
February 27, 2015

In downtown Tampa shooting Destiny Shami - a dancer with the MJ Show out in Vegas. When we lost the light, we switched on the modeling light, aimed the hairlight towards the center of the graffiti, behind Destiny, and tried for another look. We shot this with 2 Profoto B1 Air Units. One with an Octa, one behind the dancer. Now obviously you need a little music to get Destiny going. Add a JBL Charge Bluetooth and Spotify and you're all...

Want an iPhone 5 Element Case Desktop Charger?
February 9, 2015

With moving to the iPhone 6 Plus - I have realized that the Element Case​ desk stands that I have dont fit them. So, I will donate them to anyone that has an iPhone 5. I'll pick a random person on Wed. I'll throw in our olloclip​ that don't fit as well. Those lenses rock! That said - if you are using a 6Plus and have a good desktop charging solution, let me know. I'm looking right now at the Twelve South​ ones, but would love to see any...