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Shooting Sister Kill Cycle w/ Westcott Strobelites

When you walk into your work on a Saturday afternoon, and you see these guys getting a music video recorded, you NEED to start a conversation! A few months ago that was just the scenario. They’re in the process of working out a video idea, and I was literally running in to pick up something that I had left in the office the day before. The guys had a very stylized look – something that I always love to shoot. In a few minutes, cards in hand, I was showing them the work that I was capable of doing, and talking to them about “I have ideas, and concepts.. and I’d think you’d be great for them”

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St. Luke the Evangelist – an HDR Pano

St. Luke The Evangelist - 25 years
A friend of mine asked me to come to his church, St. Luke the Evangelist in Palm Harbor, Florida to take pictures of a mass celebrating 25 years of the church, and an installation of a new Pastor. This would have a visit from Bishop Robert Lynch from the Diocese of St. Pete. I’m sure the church would have been cool with just a series of pictures ‘covering’ the event, but as I sat there I thought to myself.

BlogFeaturedPhoto Shoots

LEAP: Stroboscopic

There is a LOT going on in this picture, despite it being a very calm moment with Rob “The Hurricane” Peacock. For me, this was a picture that was a couple of months in the planning, but was so worth it.

The basics: 6 Speedlights involved, plus some ambient. All of this was in one frame. That’s what I was most pumped about. Let me give you the backstory.