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Category: Photo Shoots

Portrait: Danielle Dominguez
May 19, 2014

Yesterday Kathy Porupski took me out to meet with our local photography meetup group here in Tampa (http://meetup.com/photocollective) to assist in a monthly shoot that happens here. Groups of photographers team up and try their hand at off camera flash. Kathy and I just walk around and try to help people with technical issues, and overall concepts. Decided to bring the Fuji XT1 as a walk around - maybe shoot some pics to show the teams which...

Reconnecting with Vita Devoid
April 4, 2014

With The HDR Book 2nd Ed. written, it gives me a chance to come up for air from my immersion into the world of HDR.  Photography can suffer greatly from atrophy - a general lack of mental fitness in a specific style.  My first love will always be shooting in a studio.  I remember when I first came down to Kelby Media, seven years ago (ouch!) - musing with Scott about how much of a studio rat I was.  I've missed having a space - four walls and...

Help! (The Atlanta Prison Farm)
May 28, 2013

Over the weekend, I flew up to Atlanta, GA to tape a class with Zack Arias for Kelby Training. While sitting in the hotel, I scoured locations to work on some HDR images. The HDR Book did so well, I am in the process of working on a second edition for it. I want to make sure that I add new ideas, new thoughts, new ways of processing your stuff in Photoshop - so im excited about that. (in my opinion, the part of HDR that people really need to...

The Mask - An Urbex Adventure (16x9)
May 20, 2013

This is a quick shot I did in Gary of my buddy Kena. Kena is the girl on the cover of The HDR Book, and was more than amenable to put on a gas mask in the basement of an old church. For art. And we all love Kena for it. Thank...