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Category: Photo Shoots

The Basilica of St Josephat
May 16, 2013

After some email and a phone interview I did for some things I'm doing with Intel ( !!!! More on that later) I went back to see if I can go shoot what I originally set out to do yesterday. Milwaukee has an amazing Basilica - the Basilica of St Josephat. Whenever I get to. New city, churches are one of the first thing I scope out on the Internet. There's just amazing structures to take pictures of. Beautiful, ornate, yet incredibly peaceful. I was...

Go Find A Shot! Listen to the Voices!
May 15, 2013

In Milwaukee sitting in my hotel room wondering if there's a shot around here. As I am driving to the hotel I see the Basilica of Josephat. I figure hey- even if its closed - I'm guaranteed not to get a shot laying here in the hotel. Sure enough I get there and yea- it's closed. Dejected I start wandering and thinking. And run right into this. Needless to say I shoot with one eye on not wanting to spend the night in jail. Bunch of kids come in...

Michael - Anyone
January 3, 2013

This is a quick portrait I made of Michael Fiore of the Anyone Collective.  Anyone is a really cool agency out in LA that I had the pleasure of meeting and working with to produce some stuff for Olloclip (more on that later) This was actually shot with an iphone4 , an Olloclip, and a Westcott TD6 light on a background in Joel Grimes' studio.  Much thanks to Joel for the "Joel Light"...