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Category: Photo Shoots

The Glassblower
April 13, 2012

(First off, thanks so much to the ppl who PMed.. doing ok..  Just needed to take care of some things.  Getting back to the saddle slowly but surely) I went out last night to support a local Meetup group that we started over here in Tampa - The Tampa Bay Strobist group (link: http://bit.ly/tpastrobist ).  Usually these monthly events that we do send out about 80 people to go out and shoot with a bunch of models, and Assistant Organizers...

My Photoshop HDR Pro Preset
August 19, 2011

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 .. HDR Shot with a Leica M9 About Those Presets While we were doing the "Grill Bryan Hughes" Episode of The Grid Live - Scott Kelby and Bryan Hughes got to talking about the presets in Adobe CS5 that were included in the install. This got them both talking about whether it be cool to just make a set of presets that we could share out in the masses. We thought, hey! Why Not! Church - RC The preset i'm...

New Metal Print Alert
August 17, 2011

Just got a new print from Image Wizards. LOVE the quality of this one.. just feels a lot like you're staring down at a scene you normally wouldn't see. This one will go up in the office - and prob the only one i'll keep. Figure only 15 will be printed in total, so I may as well have one on metal. :)...

Portraits Take Time : For Katie
August 17, 2011

Just hung out with my friend Alan Brusky of Fireleaf Design at the studio. He had asked me if I would help make an image of his sister in law, Katie while she was visiting here in Tampa. I figured this could be pretty cool, and to help a friend.. double bonus! One of the things that got me excited about this was that Katie had never been into a "photo shoot" before. This would mean that this gives me the option to be able to practice...