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The Ovallite Ringlight

ringtest2Back when I was taking a look at Joey L’s Sessions DVD, I noticed that he was using this light. Its a fluorescent (5400K) constant light that really works as an oversized ringlight. In the DVD, Joey mentions that he got it at a German website and had it shipped over.
Turns out, I was able to find a company called Ovallite that sells it here in the US. I called up and ordered it and in a few days, it was at my doorstep.


Sessions with Joey L: DVD Review

joeyl-1Joey L is a commercial photographer out of New York that has a very compelling style and almost masterful control over the light that he works with.  From amazing travel photography in Abysinnia, to shooting the Jonas Brothers in a Jet hangar, Joey L has become one of the most sought after commercial photographers out there. 
Like anyone out there going out there and creating their own style as of late – you’d pretty much guarantee that the photo community would be running after him with torches and pitchforks demanding that he show them the ropes.  Watching the internets. Ive seen many people ask about the signature look.. leading me to believe “would he just open up and -blah- … put it out there, or horde it”


Modifying your Westcott Umbrella Adapters

westcottmods-1This was something that I needed to get sorted out.  I got the Westcott adapters for my portable SB800/900 setup and for the most part they worked well.  The problem that I had was that the adapters had a little metal piece that needed to sit inside of the shoe in order to keep the SB800 in place.  When that piece was gone, forget about that flash staying put!  This caused a great amount of pain when I was out doing some shooting, and I thought to myself, “There has to be a better way to do this.”


Working with Ariel

The Shot of Ariel at the Worldwide Photowalk
A couple of weeks back we got together with about 32000 of our friends for the annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. I was hosting my own in the afternoon – taking about 50 walkers through the city of Dunedin, FL. In the morning, however, I got a chance to be a walker and just hang out with Scott Kelby’s group over in Ybor city- an area in Tampa that I happen to think is really cool!