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Category: Stories

The Coffee Master Totem
November 16, 2016

In February of last year, I was out in Dubai attending Gulf Photo Plus during a particularly turbulent time in my life.  I was on a plane to an incredibly cool place in the middle east -somewhere I have always wanted to go and have become fond of over the last couple of years - and yet I was feeling like I was hurling through the air falling off this imaginary cliff. Dubai could not have come at a better time. I wanted to take advantage...

Building a Kung Fu Wooden Dummy With a Master
November 2, 2016

Meeting the Master Back in January, I got together with my friend Kim Patti to talk over some photography stuff.  As we chatted, I learned that Kim was a retired Army/Navy guy that has spent al of this life doing woodworking - from a kid, to teaching it in school and to adults. Here I was, Face to face with a true master! I relayed to Kim that I had been practicing Wing Chung Kung Fu for a while, and one of the things that I was dreaming...

Trying for Gratitude Today
October 4, 2016

It was October 3, 1998 and I had just driven back to New a Windsor, NY back from a wedding up in Albany. It was around 11 at night when I got a call from my brother Tito. We chatted for a minute- thinking he didn't want to wake me up with a midnight call for my birthday. I asked him "Where's Dad?" Tito told me he was out for a walk and that he most likely would call tomorrow for my birthday. My dad and I had a ... we'll call it a contentious...

Whats New with RC
June 17, 2016

On February 19, 2016 KelbyOne announced “...a strategic realignment plan designed to refocus our efforts on the core principles that KelbyOne was founded upon, which is to provide affordable, world-class, online training to creative people everywhere.” As a result of this - the content team responsible for producing classes internally for KelbyOne (Mia McCormick, Pete Collins, Corey Barker, and I) were no longer employees of Kelby Media...