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Category: Stories

Portrait: Kim Patti - Master Woodworker
February 20, 2016

A couple of months ago, I met my friend Kim Patti and spoke about photography stuff.  While we were sitting around talking about photography, he relayed to me how much work he does with wood.  Dont know why but I had spent the several months previous wondering about a bunch of wood projects (this despite the fact that I am absolutely horrendous at doing anything with my hands). The Kung Fu Dummy Begins I spoke to him about my desire to make a...

Hudson Lost The Battle Today..
September 23, 2015

What can you say, really. A couple of weeks ago we were there trying to find some way to make a really bad situation even slightly distracting.  Lord knows there is absolutely no way to make it palatable.  We took pictures and hugged and smiled and printed. Ive sat and thought about all of that, and i'm sure that the gesture was in the right direction... but there was only one thing that I felt after. Anger. Just pure...

Meeting Valentina from Minsk Using Google Translate
September 10, 2015

After catching the Canon Expo in NYC and wiggling in a couple of meetings I made a beeline to the airport. As it turns out, Delta was cool with switching my flight for a small fee. What I didn't know was that the flight got delayed.  Multiple times.  a 7 Oclock flight didnt get to leave till much after 10PM. It happens.  To Delta's credit - the agents were awesome with everyone.  They even went and got all of the passengers food, snacks and...

Making Crepes
July 2, 2015

About a year ago I started noticing that my day started of very frenetically... I would immediately jump out of bed and try to wage war against the rising tide of emails and meetings. I could deal with them in a few hours but for some reason I felt like these were all things that I needed to do right then and there. The more I did it the more stress I felt doing it. All the while I felt like I was ignoring my kid, patiently waiting to see if I...