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Category: Stories

Linda : Our Reminder
June 14, 2015

We were sitting at Au Bon Pain at Laguardia airport waiting for our early AM flight. To the left of us there was this lady sitting comfortably enjoying her breakfast. She was this lady that just had the most relaxed look about her. Very easy to just sit there and soak up her energy.  We are about to leave, so I get all the trash ready. As I go to put it away she pulls Jenn in and tells her something. Jenn beams a smile and just shakes her...

On Being a Photographer Dad.
November 9, 2014

This afternoon, I noticed that Beenie coloring in a corner of her room. I asked her to move her book to a window seat so she can see a little better. Truthfully - I did it so I can try to squeeze my fat bottom in the corner and see if I could make a shot showing how happy she was to be working on the book. I'm trying to take as many pictures of her as I can before she starts chasing me out or purposefully messing them up.... I feel bad jamming a...

The Son Comes Home
October 30, 2014

My dad was a building superintendent growing up as a kid in the Bronx. My mom and dad used to make ends meet by driving their car around and collecting bottles and cans- cashing in their 5 cent deposits to put food on the table. Their help allowed me and my brothers to graduate High School. My graduation was here at Javitts. This morning, I'm walking to Javitts to speak at the Photo Plus Expo. Passing this scene, it reminds me of how much was...

Fleeing My Master...
August 25, 2014

"Ah, dear father, greybeard, lonely old courage- teacher, what America did you have when Charon quit poling his ferry and you got out on a smoking bank and stood watching the boat disappear in the black waters of Lethe?" “A Supermarket in California” by Allen Ginsberg When I was about to leave high school at the tender age of 15 , I was completely enamored with writing and poetry. I studied a lot of poetry in high school.-Of all of the...