My First Book is Out!
I’m excited that one of my passion projects has finally seen the light of day. This is the first book for me, aimed to get people who are into Photography on the internet as painlessly and as cost effective as possible. (If you’re interested in getting the book without reading this, click on the book picture, or head to the bottom of the page)

Why I Wrote The Book
I spend my days working as one of The Photoshop Guys at Kelby Media Group. My responsibilities there are to make sure that the people who take a look at all of the things we do leave with their questions answered – be it inspiration, troubleshooting, or plain educational. We spend a lot of time talking to photographers of all skill levels. One of the things that I found the most in common with all of them was one thing – people wanted a way to develop a website, but didnt want to sell the farm to do so. They also wanted to be able to control what they made.

The Flatiron Building

During my career, i’ve had the honor to work with some really amazing Photographers – working on getting their vision of their work on the internet. I’ve gotten calls from people who I deeply admire asking for “The best way to get… X online.” I usually respond with “Dude, that’s easy.. this is what you do.. ” But, what about everyone else? What about the weekend photographer, the young lady (or guy) who just got a camera to chase their kids at soccer – and now they want to see if they can turn this hobby into something. What about the person who loves doing this as a hobby and just wants to make enough money to get better glass. What do all of these people do?

A Friendly, Accessible Book
This book aims to solve that problem. I wanted to write a book that anyone can grasp. I wanted to make sure that I kept any references of code and program to an absolute minimum. I also wanted to keep it brief. As much as we love going into a bookstore and looking at the giant encyclopedia sized books that are there, no one wants to read one that size to set something up. In short – I wanted the book to be friendly and accessible. If you walk into a bookstore, pick up the book, and go “Oh, is -this- all you need to do?” Then it’s done it’s job. You should feel excited about getting online, not nervous of just how much you need to do. Truth be told- it’s really not that much. You should totally be able to build your site in a day or two.

Now, to be able to build that site, I took a step by step approach. I started the book as if a friend came to me and said “OK, I have nothing – I have no idea of how to get online.. and I need to be able to do it fast” and went from there. We start by talking about domain names and space, spend some time talking about how to pick a name, then purchase some stuff and start building the website from the ground up. Obviously if you’re a little more versed on the technology, you can pick whichever chapter relates to you and go from there.

Why I Focused On Specific Products

Throughout the book, I make very specific references to very specific products. For example, I tend to recommend to everyone starting out with a site to register their domain and hosting with GoDaddy. Are there many other hosting providers out there? Absolutely! Could Hosting Provider X give you as much or more/less services than you could get from GoDaddy? Im sure of that. I think, however, that the overwhelming amount of choices out there actually limit us from making any choice. As someone once told me “We’re essentially programmed to believe not making a choice is better than making a bad one.”

Look at it like this – Imagine you’re at the Doctor’s office. He tells you that you have a very bad illness – and you’re immediately nervous and upset. You ask the doctor “Ok.. what should I do?”

If your Doctor started listing option after option after option after option of the things that you could do, there’s a good probability you’d want to flail him with his own stethoscope. You’re there to get your problem solved by someone who is capable of making a decision. His job is to decide! He should tell you what he thinks is best, and if you agree and trust him.. off you go. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at options to be comfortable enough to say – for what you pay and what you get.. this is a pretty good one. And, we have to start somewhere, so why not somewhere good.

Bonus Content
Not only do you get a step by step method on how to get yourself online, you also get free access to templates you can use on top of your website, in addition to resources to be able to sell your images immediately, without having to program a shopping cart onto your site.

You’ll also read interviews with people that you’ll meet along your journey to your site – these people will serve as motivation, inspiration, and insight into just how much can go into a service that you’re going to pay very little for.

Where to Get The Book
The links are below if you’re interested in purchasing the book. If you don’t have a website, are thinking of making yours better, or just want a foolproof way to get someone you know online, I’d really appreciate if you’d consider it. I believe I can get you online pretty quickly – so let me show you how..

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