Spanish Photoshop Guy? Presente! @ Adobe Hispano!

This is one of those things that I thought was pretty cool to be asked to do. Marlon Ceballos is an Adobe User Groups, Community Expert, Certified Instructor, and all around awesome guy out of Bogota Colombia. He & I have chatted back and forth about teaching and training and being a Photoshop Guy. Mostly, one of the things that I was really pumped about was the his reach out as a Latino. You see, I consider myself to be very very blessed to be half Mexican and half Puerto…

Manual Versus Automated Camera Methods for HDR

Reading around the web, I came upon a series of sites that talk about HDR Photography technique and how the use of the Manual mode of the camera will yield the best results.  Now, while this could yield great results for some people, and I think its a great way to have control over ALL of the elements of a picture, I think that the idea can cause a bit of confusion.  I figure it's probably best to do this with an example. Take it To the Bridge Let's say…

Sabine on the iPad

For the longest time i've been the odd man out.  I've sat by at Photoshop World and watched how everyone jumped out and pulled out the iPhone and had everyone look at me and go "ohhhhh.. sorry."  They do it to tease me.  Truth be told, it's never really bothered me.  Being on a Droid for me has been a choice.  Up until a few years ago I was a pretty avid PC user, the Mac creeeping in little by litle into my workflow. I've always been one to point…

Meet Dany & Issac! The La Jolla Epilogue

Meet Dany and Issac – the couple from the La Jolla Engagement.  I get to share their moment.. & how the world takes care of itself in this post….

They Contacted Me!

So after a few nervous days on my part, I finally received the email that I was hoping to get. Early one morning I got an exhuberant email from Dany (the young girl in this picture) asking whether I had a video that I can send her so she could see. Throughout this entire time, Dany and her husband to be Issac had no clue that I had cut the video and posted it on youtube. The story is interesting to me on many levels. Read on to see why..